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Crown Maple Heats Up with Horseshoe Brands

Why choose between sweet or spicy when you can enjoy the best of both worlds? One of 2017’s biggest food trends is marrying the two flavors, sweet and spicy, and so it’s perfect that two local Hudson Valley artisan companies are getting together to bring this tasty trend to your summer barbecue.

As Crown Maple, a leading organic, artisan-quality, pure maple syrup brand, continues to expand on its ever-growing line of maple-inspired food and beverage offerings, jumping on this growing food trend seemed like a natural step. And pairing up with Horseshoe Brand seemed like a natural move, so that is just what they have done to create Horseshoe Brand Maple Cayenne hot sauce.

The combo of sweet and spicy is so delicious because it allows the taste of the spice to be enjoyed with the cooling effects of the sweetness. These sweet-meet-heat combinations are great for sauces, glazes, snacks and beverages, adding an often unexpected layer of complexity to foods.

“This small-batch creation was born out of a partnership with Horseshoe Brand and Crown Maple to create a tantalizingly sweet, yet bold and spicy hot sauce that is the first of its kind,” said Horseshoe Brand owner, Ryan Fleischhauer. “As two Hudson Valley based artisan brands, this partnership has allowed us to come together to create a new, high-quality hand-crafted hot sauce.”

The Horseshoe Brand Maple Cayenne hot sauce is made with hot red cayenne pepper and rich, smoky chipotle for a classic, fiery flavor. The addition of organically crafted Crown Maple syrup and sugar add a new and dynamic layer to the sauce, creating an entrancing sauce with the welcoming flavors and sweetness of maple coupled with a substantial, long-lasting level of heat. A crowning touch for all types of foods, it pairs particularly well with pork and seafood, as well as classic dishes such as chicken and waffles, or even just a simple cracker.

The Crown Maple Estate is based in Dover Plains and has quickly become New York’s top maple syrup producer. Their products are all certified organic and go from bark to bottle, produced sustainably on 800 acres of pristine land at Madava Farms.They’re open to the public on weekends, and invite guests to visit the estate, experience the sustainable maple grove firsthand, and learn about the maple production process. The on-site maple-infused café also offers a variety of innovative maple foods and craft beverages to further inspire guests.

Horseshoe Brand is an all-natural, handcrafted sauce company producing hot sauces in Rhinebeck. Horseshoe Brand currently produces a portfolio of unique hot sauces with different heat levels made from high quality peppers around the world. Their sauces include kiwi jalapeno, roasted garlic, peach, habanero, chipotle, Cajun, mango and XXXtra Hot.

This limited-time, small-batch Horseshoe Brand Maple Cayenne hot sauce will be available for purchase for $7.95/bottle at the Crown Maple Estate or online. For more information or to purchase online, visit: and

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