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About Hudson Valley EATS

Janet Irizarry New Head Shot 2019 Brown.

Janet Irizarry

The "Re"Freshing Story 

As many of you know, my entire career has been spent in the restaurant business. Knowing firsthand how hard the restaurant business is, 5 years ago I started Hudson Valley EATS as a way to give restaurants added exposure and to help bring them new customers.


Last year I realized a much bigger picture for Hudson Valley EATS, and the opportunity to use it to make a difference.  

I realized that it was the perfect platform to draw attention to the issue of food insecurity and  “Make Sure EVERYBODY in the Hudson Valley EATS”, not just those who could afford it. Wow!  It was perfect!


Shortly after, with the help of some amazing people, “Cooking for a Cause” was born.  The online cooking series grabbed support from Hudson Valley top chefs, a national food brand, local businesses leaders and the wonderful, generous people of our community.  


Its' success allowed us to raise an incredible amount of money for nonprofits on the frontlines of getting food to those in need.  We couldn't have asked for more, but we are. We are because we know that there is so much more we can do to make a difference. We want to help more people, and lead the Hudson Valley on a path to a sustainable future. A future where food businesses flourish, everyone has enough healthy food to eat, and we are kind to the environment.


So today, Hudson Valley EATS is happy to announce that once again we are hitting “the refresh button” with a vision of creating an interactive, online community where members can chip in and contribute.  Don’t worry! This is not something that you have to pay, and we are going to continue bringing you great adventures in food.  A member is simply someone who loves food, cares about the environment, wants to improve the lives of others and works to a sustainable future.

About Janet Irizarry 

Janet Irizarry is a restaurant consultant with 30+ years in the restaurant and hospitality industry. She started working in restaurants when she was 15 and has owned and operated three full-service restaurants as well as worked for the world’s largest contract food service company.


She is an entrepreneur, who likes to create and help others as a restaurant consultant, Janet has helped clients with all aspects of the restaurant business. For entrepreneurs interested in opening a new restaurant, she helps them avoid the costly mistakes many times made in the restaurant startup phase and make sure they are set up for long term success. For more established restaurants, Janet expertise is helping owners find solutions to the issues that have blocked their business growth.


Janet is an Adjunct Professor, in the School of Business Management, at the Culinary Institute of America where she introduces students to the Hospitality industry. Sharing her expertise in the industry, she teaches students about different career opportunities in the Hospitality Industry, leadership skills, what true hospitality is and how to use it to exceed customer expectations.


In 2017 Janet co-founded with the purpose of connecting the Hudson Valley community to local restaurant owners and food entrepreneurs. For Janet, Hudson Valley EATS became a way of keeping her pulse on the restaurant business as well as bringing exposure to the food businesses in the area that make up the incredible food scene of the Hudson Valley.


The bigger picture for Janet is to use Hudson Valley EATS as a platform to “give back” and contribute something meaningful for society.  Guided by her mother’s motto, "If you are going to be part of the community, you need to find something you can do that will make a difference.”  For Janet, that difference is helping to fight food insecurity and get food to people who would otherwise go hungry.


As of 2020 Janet has made it her mission to connect everyone in the Hudson Valley with food, not just those who can afford it.  She has created an online community that brings together restaurant owners, foodies and the nonprofits in the Hudson Valley that offer food assistance, food rescue and food education programs.


Janet is committed to “Making Sure EVERYBODY in the Hudson Valley EATS.”, not just those who can afford it.

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