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Organic Vegetables

Reimaging the Hudson Valley Food System

Every day we become increasingly aware of climate change and our need to reduce our impact on the environment by polluting less and conserving our natural resources.


But this is not enough!  Doing less damage is part of the equation, but we need to do more.

A healthy food system goes beyond reducing our negative impact on the environment and sustainability and adds in the essential positive impact components too.

Also referred to as a regenerative system, circular system benefits all the stakeholders in our local food economy, as well as the environment. We know longer take, make, use and waste, but instead, take, make, use and return.

Closing the Loop - Farm Back to Soil

Closing the Loop

In a  Circular Food System :


     Food is produced in ways that is in harmony with nature and supports a healthy  ecosystem.

     Surplus food is rescued and brought to food banks and pantries to feed the hungry.


     Food is valued and not lost or wasted.  It is used productively by  upcycling , being fed to livestock, used for energy or composted and returned to the soil.

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We're Building a Food System
for the Future Through...

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Making connections with food entrepreneurs and stakeholders throughout the supply chain


Making introductions and encouraging both likely and unlikely mutually beneficial partnerships 


Bringing the community together and empowering them be the solution to positive change 


Educating and engaging the community from our kids, to consumers to government officials

What We Take, We Must Return

Community Garden

It Matters

Our current linear manner in which our food system is based is impacting us negatively economically, socially and environmentally.

Economically: Wasteful practices cost money throughout the supply chain in labor, management and resources.

Socially: 30-40% of the food we produce is wasted yet many people in the community do not get enough to eat.

Environmentally:  Food waste is the biggest when it comes to global warming.

We Are Here to Inspire Action!
Please Join Us!

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