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Veggie Go-Go: Take Out That You Feel Good About.

This time of year, it’s always a challenge to eat right, but Veggie Go-Go has you covered. Owners, Lynn and Gregg Miller’s restaurant, located on Route 9 in Wappingers, offers you a fast food option that is both nutritious and delicious.

Inspired by other healthy quick-serve concepts that they saw while traveling, the couple decided to fill a void that was currently missing from the Hudson Valley food scene. Featuring a mostly vegetarian, menu the food is all natural with much of the produce sourced from the Black Dirt Farms of the Hudson Valley.

The nice thing is, while finding a heavy emphasis on vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free option, you’ll find some meat choices too. “We don’t want to be exclusively one way or the other. We give a lot of options so customers can put together a meal that will suit them” Lynn tells me. “We find what people want in take-out is wonderful comfort food with a healthy twist.” In other words, at Veggie Go-Go anyone can eat healthy and be happy.

The mainstay of the menu is create-your-own and specialty salads as well as hot bowls featuring ingredients like long grain brown rice, quinoa and baked potatoes.

On day that we were there, Pam and I both opted for the salads. She had been there the week before and told me about the salad that she had then, The Three Sisters. She said it was full of goodies including tri-color quinoa, butternut squash, corn, spicy roasted garbanzo beans and assorted seeds. She especially liked the lemon-tamari dressing.

This time Pam was feeling a creative and decided to create her own from over 20 ingredients available. Owner, Lynn Miller, was behind the counter and graciously scooped each ingredient into a bowl and tossed it with one of the homemade dressings. Pam describe the salad as fresh, crispy, crunchy and hearty. All I know was that when I turned my head it was gone.

I decided to go for the Morning Star Salad which was a combination of greens, apples, cheddar and cottage cheese, spouts, carrots, dried fruit and a seedy mix. I loved this because of both the blend of different tastes and the consistency. The crunchiness of the apples, carrots and seedy mix coupled with the creaminess of the cottage cheese made every bite fun. All the dressings are homemade-- the Morning Star came with the lemon-tamari, and as Pam thought, it was an excellent choice.

Some of the other dressings that sound really good and I want to go back for are the herb-Stilton blue cheese and the miso-ginger.

The most important thing to the Millers is that they stay true to good-tasting, well-crafted food that is high in nutrition and as Lynn says, “made with love”

“Instead of just throwing stuff in a bowl we try to coordinate ingredients that definitely are pleasing, and then we give you other options because we understand all different kinds of diets. Any of our salad or hot bowls ordered off the menu are beautifully arranged. We want them to not only be good for you but to look pretty too.”

Besides salads and hot bowls, sandwiches, Veggie Go-Go’s other customer favorites are their bean burgers and the pocket pies. Each day they offer two different versions of bean burgers, which may be anything from a white bean-mushroom to a chickpea-zucchini-feta and their staple vegan burger-- southwest black bean. The burgers are either vegetarian, vegan and/or gluten-free.

As for the pocket pies, I haven’t tasted them yet, but they are on my list for my next visit. These are a twist on traditional Cornish Pasties and they come in a variety of flavors. Some of the most popular are spinach & feta, leek and goat cheese and curried chickpea.

The restaurant is cozy with fun colors, and there are only a few small tables to “dine in” but that is because it is a take-out joint. They offer a large selection of healthy homemade items ready to take home or bring to the office.

These include a large variety of homemade soups, grab-and-go veggie, grain and pasta salads, bean burgers and plenty of desserts including their popular Go-Go Pop. These are all-natural fresh fruit ice pops and they come in all different flavors. A guilty pleasure you do not have to feel guilty about.

So, as the holidays approach or after the damage is already done come January Veggie Go-Go is perfect as you look for healthy, nutritious food. The food is homemade, and the best part is, not by you. No fuss, healthy and delicious.

1289 Route 9 South

Wappingers Falls, NY 12590

Phone:(845) 218-9861

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