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Table for One

I have grown to appreciate and love dining out by myself. One random half day of work came along and I knew exactly where I was headed for lunch.

The Table is a new American restaurant that has high end cuisine. It’s located in the Mid Hudson Valley region, right in the heart of the Village of Montgomery, within walking distance of the other eateries, park, and shops.

They feature brunch, lunch and dinner, as well as a showcase full of handmade pastries and chocolates. They even have house made treats for pups…I was in love. When you walk in, you are greeted by rustic decor, warm candles lit no matter the time of day, and a bright, yet pale, blue colored room. The seating area was completely full when I arrived because everyone in the area was excited for the opening.

The lunch menu is what really caught my eye. There was a great variety, and the menu was still upscale, without being intimidating. There are a plethora of craft iced teas, and coffee options. I opted for the water, as I’m trying to cut out caffeine, which was even served in the cutest stemless wine glass.

One portion that really stuck out to me was the Craft Poutine options. I went to college in Western New York (WNY), where poutine is huge. Typically it’s fries, gravy, and cheese curds. So seeing it done with flair got me excited. I ordered the crab cake sandwich and the truffle poutine. I have never been so excited for a meal in my life. As I waited for the meal, one of the servers struck up a conversation with me. It was nice to talk to the staff about the restaurant, and just talk to someone other than my typical friends, family and co workers.

After we chatted about the menu, my food was brought over and I dug in. The crab cake sandwich was stacked high, and they definitely did not skimp of the crab. The crispy brioche bread with the creaminess of the crab and mayo was a perfect combination, and the greens gave it the perfect touch of lightness. I could barley finish it because there was so much in the sandwich, but I was determined (and succeeded).

Next I dove into the truffle poutine. A rich dish, consisting of house cut fries, Asiago cheese and truffle oil; I was not able to finish this, especially on top of the sandwich. There was cheese and truffle on each bite. Their interpretation of poutine is the best I have ever had.

I loved everything about The Table; the food, the decor, the staff, you name it, it was perfect. I will definitely be attending brunch in the near future, probably dinner and lunch too. Needless to say, I am eager to return.

The Table 73 Clinton St, Montgomery, NY Phone: (845) 769-5625

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