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Tour Italy with Chef Marcus Guiliano

If you’re a fan of Aroma Thyme Bistro in Ellenville NY, wouldn’t it be fun to travel with Chef Marcus Guiliano to some of his favorite places in Italy?

Here’s your chance to explore Northern Italy, feasting on truffles and tasting Italy’s finest wines accompanied by one of the Hudson Valley’s top chefs from November 4th through 12th.

Marcus & his wife Jamie have owned their restaurant in Ellenville for fourteen years and their focus is on quality, fresh, healthy meals. In order to guarantee the quality of the food and beverages they serve, the couple often visit the producers personally. They go right to the source, purchasing their prime ingredients from farmers and creators of local goods, as well as some international suppliers.

As his regulars know, Chef Marcus is passionate about visiting and knowing his producers personally. Whether it’s here in the Hudson Valley or in the vineyards of Italy and beyond, he says “I run my business on relationships. I need to like the people who I buy from. I need to buy into their mission. I like to shake hands with the cognac owner, the winery owner or the cattle rancher. I want to know as much as I can about where our food and drink comes from. “

And it’s this passion that inspired this exclusive trip to Italy, limited to just 24.

The tour will start in the famous Langhe area of Piemonte in northern Italy where Barolo wine was first produced. You’ll visit the Lake Garda region to stay on an organic farm, tour the Valpolicella wine region, tour the city of Verona and sample some Soave wines.

November is peak white truffle season and you’ll have the opportunity to go on an actual hunt for these exclusive and elusive delicacies. Watching the truffle hunting dogs in action is something you’ll never forget!

And what would a trip to Italy be without meals?

When you’re travelling with a chef like Marcus Guiliano, you can look forward to some of the best local and fresh food that Northern Italy has to offer. At his Aroma Thyme restaurant, Chef Guiliano has focused on quality, fresh, healthy meals and he will bring that focus to the meals on this trip of a lifetime.


If you can’t wait until November, Chef Marcus, Virginia Barthel—European Travel Whisperer, organizer of this amazing adventure and HudsonValleyEATS, would like to offer you a very special preview.

Chef Marcus is inviting a lucky reader and guest to Aroma Thyme Bistro. There, he’ll prepare a special four-course meal for you paired with local spirits.


You’ll just sit back and be awed by the way Chef Marcus takes the best of the Hudson Valley’s ingredients and crafts them into a meal to remember for you and a guest.

This is a unique opportunity to have an extra special dining experience that is not only centered around the best of food and spirits of the Hudson Valley but is prepared by one of the most talented chefs in the area as well.

For more information on this exclusive opportunity to travel to Northern Italy with Chef Marcus Guiliano, please contact Virginia Barthel and mention HudsonValleyEats.

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