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Leslie Lampert: On a Mission to Help You Save Time, Money and the Planet.

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

If you peer into your fridge and wonder what you can do with all those forgotten, partially used or items past their “use by” dates you will want to tune into the Scrappy Chef Live on Monday May 18th at 7:30. Meet Leslie Lampert, a.k.a. the Scrappy Chef and find out how to transform the food you might be ready to trash into delicious and healthy meals.

Leslie will have you take a dive into your kitchen cabinets and refrigerator to find those items you might have overlooked, have seen better days, or leftovers you are bored with and get you thinking on how you can make them into something exciting. Think of it as your own version of Chopped. She will teach you how to layer flavors and textures and become fearless about substituting the ingredients you have into your favorite recipes. As a bonus you will learn tips for shopping and storing your food to make it last longer.

Touted as one of the 7 Hudson Valley chefs that significantly changed the Lower Hudson Valley Landscape in the past decade, Lampert’s passion for food goes way beyond owning restaurants and cooking. Her belief has always been to care for the community. “We've donated food to our neediest, underwritten catering for charitable fundraisers, trained budding cooks, spoken out for local causes, and given a chance or a chowder to someone who needed special consideration” says Lampert.

With the Scrappy Chef, she has created a brand that runs on making the world a better place, and Lampert, is tackling the issue of food waste and climate change in a fun and delicious way! The Scrappy Chef is on a mission to help you save time, money and the planet. Yes, the planet! Did you know that food in landfills gives off methane, a greenhouse gas, the most significant driver of climate change?

Many Americans have been spoiled and only want to buy perfect, beautiful produce, but to Lampert beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. The less perfect fruits and vegetable are, the more beautiful they are to her.

Wilted, bendable, bruised or damaged, even herbs that might be a little slimy, all can be made into yummy things, says Lampert. The food that’s on the way out is often the most flavorful because the flavors have had time to develop and sometimes are more nutrient dense. She points out that when it comes to sell by, best used by or expiration dates, many times the items are okay. The smell will usually tell you if it needs to be tossed or not.

Join Leslie on Monday and find out how to use up those odds and ends or items on their last legs that you would otherwise be tossing in the trash. She’ll help you learn how to use what’s in your refrigerator and make great meals out of what you have on hand. You’ll start looking at your pantry and your refrigerator in a whole new way.

Sponsored by Bedfood2020, community effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and preserve natural resources. ► Register here

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