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Enlist Army West Point Hospitality to Host Your Next Event!

When it comes to planning an event, most people don't immediately think of The United States Military Academy. It's often seen as a highly guarded institution, accessible only for special occasions like concerts or Army football games. But here's the surprising truth: West Point is an incredible destination for corporate and team events, with a variety of venues throughout its historic campus, and Army West Point Hospitality curates these types of events.

Hosting an event at West Point is a truly special experience. Not only do you get to enjoy the unique atmosphere and rich history, but you also can combine recreational, educational, and military activities, all while savoring delightful culinary offerings. Army West Point Hospitality committed to providing fully customizable experiences, making it the perfect choice for your company summit, team-building retreat, private reception, or special event.

Now, you might initially think that West Point is formal and intimidating due to its status as an active military installation. However, rest assured that Army West Point Hospitality strives to make the entire process seamless and effortless for clients. They provide unwavering support throughout your time at West Point. Yes, there are additional security measures in place, but they are implemented with everyone's safety in mind. Trust me, these precautions only enhance the overall experience!

What truly sets Army West Point Hospitality apart is their focus on customization. They steer clear of cookie-cutter packages and instead delve into your group's goals and aspirations to curate a completely bespoke event. The team at Army West Point Hospitality is devoted to delivering a hospitality experience that lives up to the prestigious venues and values of West Point. It's a level of dedication that you won't find anywhere else!

When booking an event with Army West Point Hospitality, you're not just reserving a conference room. They offer separate event experiences in categories similar to the four pillars of the cadet experience: physical, academic, military, and now hospitality. This means you have a plethora of options to choose from. Want a physical experience? Engage your group in structured competitions, obstacle courses, or hikes. Craving an academic experience? Gain education and insights from Army West Point Athletic faculty and staff, athletic speakers, or take historical tours of post. If a military experience is what you seek, they offer the opportunity to engage in unique activities, including the use of an indoor shooting range. And of course, their hospitality offerings ensure the creation of legendary events, from private receptions to multi-day retreats, all catered by DCA Culinary Group and DFMWR.

As a branch of the Army West Point Athletic Association, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, Army West Point Hospitality generates revenue to support the athletic department and ultimately the cadet athlete experience. By hosting events at West Point, you're not just creating memorable experiences; you're also supporting these incredible cadets who have chosen to serve their country.

In addition, Army West Point Hospitality is thrilled about the upcoming Michie Stadium Preservation Project. This initiative will transform the East Stands and enhance the overall gameday environment through new premium seating and hospitality opportunities while creating a world class experience for cadets, donors, alumni, and fans.

Christina Morgan, the General Manager of Army West Point Hospitality, says that her team is committed to surpassing expectations for all events. Their tailored solutions are designed to create a memorable experience that lasts far beyond the day of the event.

Explore the limitless possibilities at this unique venue by visiting us at or emailing

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