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8 Dog-Friendly Bars In The Hudson Valley

Every dog loves three things: food, sleep, and you. Don’t let those sad puppy eyes guilt you into another night on the couch, we’ve found a treasure trove of canine compatible bars that let you bring along your furry friends.

Re-imagine what it means to take the dog on a walk with this list of some of the Hudson Valley’s top dog-friendly bars (in no particular order).

1) Poughkeepsie Ice House

On the shores of the Hudson River, this historic exposed-brick ice house is the ideal location to dine in the sun on their dog-friendly porch. In the early 19th Century, Ice was carted on steam ships and stored in ice houses like this restaurant. Despite their chic, modern renovations, the owners still managed to hold on to its rustic essence with 25-foot high ceilings and stamped cement floors. Your complimentary glass of water comes with a dog bowl for your under-the-table friend to lounge along with you. You can also enjoy their selection of draft beer, wine, and sangria while browsing a menu of American classics, pasta, seafood, and savory starters.

2) The Parish, New Paltz

This intimate and dimly lit bar and restaurant is perched above the quaint Water Street Market, offering a breathtaking view of the towering cliffs of the Shawangunk Mountains. Come inside and try their New-Orleans style menu and selection of cocktails, wine and craft beer. They also offer outdoor seating on their second-floor balcony with a scenic view to the front and people-watching opportunities in the market below. With outdoor dog bowls at the ready, you can both enjoy an evening out with a variety of antique shops and even a new black-box theatre to enjoy afterwards.

3) Fetch, Goshen

Your first indicator that Fetch is a dog friendly zone is the massive dog-bone logo out front. But that’s just nothing compared to the interior. The walls are plastered with pop-art painting, collages and even statues of man’s best friend. This neighborhood bar and grill is situated right on main street in Warwick, with a menu of American home-cooking classic like their favorite “Mom’s Meatloaf” or “original” Philadelphia Cheesesteak, made with bread shipped in from Philly daily. The outside eating area comes equipped with bowls of water and treats to recharge your pup for a post-dinner stroll around town.

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