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Introducing "Try Something New"

It’s probably a pretty safe bet that you’ve got a list of restaurants that want to try one of these days, right?

Ramon Pinero, owner of CE Avengers and creator of the Hudson Valley Gold Rewards, understands that and wants to make it easier for you to actually try them by introducing a new program to the Hudson Valley — Try Something New.

The first on “Try Something New” dinner is just around the corner, on Wednesday May 1st from 5:30-7:30. The featured restaurant is Café Con Leche, a Puerto Rican restaurant on 10 Main Street in Wappingers Falls.

Ramon says he picked Café Con Leche to debut first because not everyone knows about Puerto Rican food and may not try it on their own because of it. Ramon, who is Puerto Rican, told us, “To find a restaurant that serves good, authentic Puerto Rican food is pretty hard. Café Con Leche restaurant reminds me of my grandmother’s cooking. It’s like a taste of home. It is the real thing.”

“A lot of restaurants in the Hudson Valley don’t have big, or any advertising budget making it hard for people to don’t know about these restaurants. "Try Something New" is design to help these businesses out,” says Ramon.

On May 1st, you’ll be able to sample a 3-course meal for a very reasonable $20. There will be your choice of appetizers, a choice of three entrées which include: A Taste of Puerto Rico (a sampler dish), Monfongo (original vegetarian style or with pernil or shrimp) or Chicharron de Pollo. Dessert will be provided by a local bakery—Sweetbakes Cafe, that specializes in special occasion cakes and other goodies.

Hudson Valley Gold Rewards is a discount program to help people shop local first. Currently, there are more than 90 businesses participating. For an annual fee of $10, you can purchase an HV Gold Rewards Card, which gives you discounts to a large assortment of local businesses.

Ramon told us that eventually he sees "Try Something New" expanding into other event highlighting other types of Hudson Valley business, but to start out with, he decided on restaurants. “Everyone like to eat, right?”

If you’d like to eat and want to “Try Something New”, GRAB YOUR TICKETS and meet us down in Wappingers Falls on May 1st.

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