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Haddad’s - Authentic Middle Eastern on Main Street

How nice to have a Middle Eastern grocery close by and how nice to now have them serving food to go too!

Haddad’s is on a non-descript block of Poughkeepsie’s Main Street and has been there for a couple of years. Recently, they started serving up falafel, shawarma and other Middle Eastern specialties.

It’s a family run operation, with Maurice and Mona Haddad manning the store and the stove.

The menu is small but covers most of what you’d expect—falafel, shawarma hot off the spit—chicken during the week and meat (a mix of lamb and beef) on Saturdays. There are various kebabs and side dishes of grape leaves, hummus etc.

We were first there on a Saturday so decided to take advantage of the meat shawarma. We ordered two plates (everything is available on a pita or as a plate) to go. Maurice expertly carved the meat off the spit and layered it over two full dishes of rice. With an “I dare you” look, he asked if we wanted hot sauce on the meat. Feeling brave (and challenged) we said sure and he spooned a generous amount over the meat and sauce.

It was delicious, and the two servings ended up being dinner for two people for two nights. The hot sauce isn’t killer hot, so go for it.

We got some grape leaves (served warm and stuffed with rice and spices) and hummus to go with the shawarma, and everything was great!

Later that week, we went back to try the kebabs and get some more grape leaves. The lamb kufta (a mix of ground spiced lamb) and the beef kabab were both tasty although I think I preferred the kufta. The plates come with rice and a side salad of chopped tomatoes and vegetables.

Besides the prepared food, Haddad’s is well stocked with (previously hard to find) Middle Eastern groceries. You’ll find spices, grape leaves, labne, cheeses olives and sweets among the aisles.

If you’re pressed for time, order on their Facebook page or call 845-849-0161, otherwise shop and chat with Maurice and Mona while they’re preparing your food.

782 Main Street

Poughkeepsie, NY

Phone: (845) 849-0161

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