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Sparrow’s Nest

If you’re looking for a good ways to give back and get some holiday shopping done, you might want to look at Sparrow’s Nest.

“Sparrow’s Nest of the Hudson Valley was created in 2012 with the simple idea of cooking for the families of local moms diagnosed with cancer. The dream to help these caregivers of children started with 6 families and has grown into feeding over 1200 people since the charity’s inception. In June of 2017, the charity expanded its mission to include children diagnoses with cancer.”

For the holidays, Sparrow’s Nest offers a selection of handmade pies which you can order to support their mission. These pies are made by volunteers in their newly designed kitchen space. Need some last minutes Christmas gifts? When you go and pick up the pies, add a few jars of their delicious preserves and homemade barbecue sauce to your bag.

Do you have a business or want to do something bigger in the new year? Their team building exercises have been a big hit! Offered the last 2 Mondays of every month, it’s a great opportunity to bring your people together to have fun and contribute in a meaningful way to the community. And who doesn’t like the challenge of making (1000) cookies?

Sparrow’s Nest has always worked with local farmers. Not only is the produce they get, generally organic, now they’ve got a special arrangement with Warwick Tomatoes to grow hydroponic salad greens and tomatoes. That way the vegetables don’t even touch the soil, an important consideration when you’re delivering food to someone whose immune system might be compromised.

They’re equally careful to make comfort food that everyone will enjoy, their 7-layer mac & cheese being a signature offering.

To prepare a week’s worth of meals for 200 people, they depend on a team of volunteers, their in-house team and Chef Mike Polasek of Simply Gourmet. You can find them there cooking in abundance almost every day from 8-4 with the “dessert shift” gearing up on Monday nights.

If you’d like to get involved, check out their website. All the events for 2018 will be up right after Christmas, so if your New Year’s resolutions include giving back, this might be just what you’re looking for.

This holiday season Sparrow’s Nest has also partnered with Mid-Hudson Subaru and the Subaru Share the Love program. If you’re in the market for a car, Subaru will donate $250 for every car bought or leased until January 2nd and Mid-Hudson Subaru will kick in an additional $50.

I promised them I would mention that they are in real need of a walk-in fridge. If you have one, or know anyone who can help them out, please give them a call.

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