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Red Hook & the Chocolate Festival

Who doesn’t love chocolate?

If you’re a chocoholic, have we got an event for you!

The annual Red Hook & the Chocolate Festival is Saturday November 4th from 11-4 in the Village of Red Hook. Check out their Facebook page for all the latest updates.

It’s a sweet street fair with plenty to do for the whole family (pets included). So, if you’ve been craving chocolate face painting, grab the kids and hit Red Hook.

There are tastings of all things chocolate, from bean-to-bar, to chili (made with dark chocolate) with lots of hot chocolate and other goodies in between.

Songs about chocolate may be pretty rare, but not to worry, there will be musicians both outdoors and inside.

Does avocado chocolate mousse sound delicious? There are cooking demos for that and lots of other chocolate-inspired dishes. And if you’ve been out of the loop, avocado/chocolate is poised to be the kale of 2018. You can also learn to cook molten chocolate cakes (or click here for the recipe) and chocolate chip pancakes.

If you feel your chocolate creation is competition ready, consider competing in the Chocolate Wars Dessert Making Competition, or just go and cheer everyone on.

The Red Hook library will be hosting the Chocolate Olympics featuring a variety of events such as a team whopper relay, chocolate pictionary, Hershey-kiss tossing, M&M sorting, chocolate shuffleboard, chocolate memory games, chocolate donut bobbing, and the ever-popular chocolate pudding pie competition. Ready, set, go!

Local restaurants will be featuring chocolate inspired dishes and beverages, so if short ribs and chocolate beer sounds like lunch, you’ll want to check out all the special menus.

Maybe all this chocolate sounds like too much of a good thing? You can take a break at one of my favorite local stores, Clove Kitchen Market a well-curated shop filled with all sorts of gourmet goodies, kitchen gear and gifts for yourself or friends. A friend of mine, from Le Bon Magot will be there sampling her exotic chutneys and condiments.

Enjoy the festival and let us know in the comments, or on our Facebook page what your favorite chocolate goodie was!

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