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A Special Burgundy Dinner at The Amsterdam

Every now and then an event crosses my plate that I really long to go to.

The upcoming Burgundy dinner Saturday, October 28th at The Amsterdam in Rhinebeck is one of them.

La Paulée as it’s called, is a celebration of the grape harvest in Burgundy and dates back to the 1920’s.

More recently, Daniel Johnnes has been hosting La Paulée in New York and San Francisco. This year, he’s expanded to the Hudson Valley, where he’s partnering with The Amsterdam.

At $175 a person, this year it is sadly out of my budget, but I might start saving for next year.

There’s a long list of both white and red Burgundies they’ll be pouring to go with Chef Sara Lukasiewicz’s locally-sourced feast, with a whole roast pig taking center stage.

Before the pig, there will be charcuterie and mezze stations filled with goodies from Chef Lukasiewicz and guest chefs from the Boulud restaurants in the city.

Cheese and dessert courses will end the feast.

“In the convivial spirit of La Paulée de Meursault, where winemakers bring the fruits of their harvest to share with neighbors and friends, guests are encouraged to bring bottles from their own cellars to share throughout the evening — making the event, no doubt, among the world's classiest BYOB party.”

Besides being about good food and wines, you know people will be digging through their cellars to show off some interesting bottles, giving wine lovers a chance to get to taste some interesting and possibly rare Burgundies.

Which got me thinking about what I’d bring.

We happen to love Burgundies and have some pretty decent ones we’ve accumulated. For this event, if I wanted to show off, I’d dig deep into our cave and pull out a bottle of the 1998 Echezeaux from Mongeard-Mugneret. We brought back a case because it was the year we got married and we thought it would be nice to celebrate our anniversaries with it.

My husband would choose 2005 Domaine Faiveley Grevrey-Chambertin because he likes Faiveley as a winemaker and thinks that a Grevrey would be a good wine with the pork.

If you’re a Burgundy lover, this is a great opportunity to mix it up with fellow oenophiles, and I’m curious—what bottle would you bring?

Thanks to The Amsterdam and photographer Liz Clayman for the photo of the wine glass and carafe.

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