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K’s Mini Cookies: Edible Art

Cookies as beautiful hand-painted tiny works of art.

Bunnies, chicks, ducks all looking like spring.

I had tasted a couple of K’s mini cookies before we started an interview recently, and they were delicious!

Butter and sugar, the perfect sugar cookie.

And then, the ride home from the station was torturous.

Wrapped up next to me was a selection of beautiful hand-painted cookies.

They had that distinctive smell of butter and sugar, which is somehow different from the butter smell of a box of croissants.

Both good, but not while you’re driving.

I had been talking with Sue Radon on my radio show, the Accidental Locavore Live! about her burgeoning cookie business.

She and her daughter started it in the fall, partly as an afterschool project, looking towards building a college fund and as a way to be able to give back to the community.

Besides being active in Meals on Wheels and donating privately to No Kid Hungry and FEED they plan on hiring people from the local special needs community as they grow and need more hands to get the cookies to a broader audience.

They’re both very artistic and it shows in each and every handcrafted cookie.

For Easter a bunny sports tiny carrots, another a border of red tulips, a third is a gilded duck with matching bow tie.

While they’re looking towards selling at local farmers’ markets in the summer, currently it’s custom work only. That way they can control the quality, while building the business one cookie at a time.

If you’ve got a minimum of a week and an idea, they can make it come to life in cookie form. Parties, showers, weddings, holidays—they’ve got it covered. With Mother's Day and graduations around the corner, you might want to get in touch with them ASAP!

And while classic sugar cookies are generally the base, if it can be decorated, you can pick a different flavor (like gingerbread).

They’re playing a little hard to get when it comes to finding them. No website yet and if you’re not on Facebook (K’s mini cookie), you’re almost out of luck, but you can email Sue at:

Not to worry, a website is coming soon.

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