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Learning to Think About Food Differently |Part 2| Closing the Gap Between Food Waste & Hunger

If you are like me, you scratch your head and wonder how in a world where so many go to bed hungry so much food goes to waste. It seems totally illogical but is another sign of a broken food system and why we need to start thinking about food differently.

If we look once again at the EPA’s Food Recovery Hierarchy, right below source reduction which we talked about in part one as the preferred method of reducing food waste, is feeding people.

Of course, this makes sense, but the question is how we accomplish this. What are the challenges of getting food that is perfectly edible but destined to the landfill to the people who need it? What systems need to be in place to manage it?

In May, ReFED hosted a three-day Food Waste Solutions Summit. ReFED is a national nonprofit whose quest is to end food loss and waste in the United States and be a driving force in meeting the country's Sustainable Development Goals of reducing food waste by 50% by 2030. I came across a short film that was played for attendees at the summit which does a great job on showing how when organizations work together the gap between hunger and food waste can be closed and benefit all stakeholders throughout the food system. It’s not any easy task but with foresight and collaboration it can be done.

I found the video very inspiring. I think you will too.

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