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Glazed Over - On Our Donut Miss List!

If you’re strolling down Main Street in Beacon and feeling a bit peckish and your creative juices are flowing, do not miss Glazed Over Donuts!

In 2017, readers of Hudson Valley Magazine selected Glazed Over as the “Best Donuts in the Hudson Valley”.

Glazed Over is a custom donut shop, offering freshly made donuts topped with any combination of one glaze, one topping and one drizzle.

Yes, YOU get to mix and match the glaze, topping and drizzle to create the donut of your dreams. Your donut will be made to order right in front of your very eyes. Just make your way over to the kitchen window and watch the magical donut machine bake your donut and then watch as the staff create your personal masterpiece.

Glazes include: Original Glaze, Caramel, Chocolate, Lemon, Maple, Nutella, Peanut Butter and Strawberry.

Toppings include: Almonds, Bacon, Chocolate Chips, Cinnamon Sugar, Coconut Fruity Pebbles, Graham Cracker, Marshmallows, Oreo Crumbs, PB Chips, Powdered Sugar, Pretzels and Sprinkles.

Drizzles include: Caramel, Salted Chocolate Caramel, Dark Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, Raspberry, Grape Jelly, Maple Syrup and Honey.

The idea to open a doughnut shop came on a family vacation years ago. Owner, Lisa Tompkins, explained. “My husband saw a donut machine and said, “You know, someday we should open a donut shop”. It became kind of a joke because anytime one of us were having a bad day at work, we would we would say to each other, “let’s ride around and find a place to open that donut shop” and in January 2017, they did.

“First, we thought we would just do something simple like vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, but then we started thinking well what about this flavor, and what about this flavor? What about this topping? We realized the options were endless.” Tompkins tells me.

What's the most popular donut at Glazed Over? Maple Bacon with maple syrup drizzle but Strawberry Fruity Pebble runs a close second as does anything with peanut butter. According to Tompkins, there is also a strong following for their simple cinnamon-sugar donut. The fact that is served warm, right out of the oven, might have something to do with it.

For those who want to leave their donut experience in the shop’s hands, you will always find a “Donut of the Day”. Some of the crazier combos you may find include the MVP-- maple, bacon, pickle, with a Siracha drizzle. Or how about a sweet cilantro glazed donut with a drizzle of tortilla lime?

Their newest menu item, just in time for summer, is the Donut Ice-Cream Sandwich and there are also Donut Sundaes which defy description. Home-baked donut? Ice cream? What could be better?

When we were there, we shared the Lemon Glazed, Almond Topped Donut with a Raspberry Drizzle. Janet took one bite and her eyes “glazed over” and she mused, “I am in donut heaven!”

At Glazed Over it’s up to you to let your juices flow and create your own pièce de résistance, or be daring and try the special donut of the day. But whatever you do, “Donut Be Selfish, Share the Love!” bring some home for all to enjoy.

315 Main Street

Beacon, NY

PH: (845)-765-0505

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