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Slow Food Hudson Valley Presents the 4th Annual Snout to Tail Event

There’s always something pleasurable about watching someone really good at something doing that thing.

Butcher, author and instructor Thomas Schneller is one of those people, and you’ll have the chance to watch him in action at the 4th annual Snout to Tail Event at Kesicke Farms in Red Hook.

It’s a 2-Saturday event, March 17th and 24th from 9-3, put on by, and to benefit Slow Food Hudson Valley.

The first Saturday, you’ll have a chance to watch Tom break down, or butcher a pig from the farm. While at first you may think---eeew, it’s actually really interesting to see just how many ways there are to cut up a pig, and to watch the ease in which Tom works his way through the animal.

If you’re really squeamish, you can come later at 11:00 or skip the first week altogether. After Tom is done with the pig, Chef John Kowalski will show you how to use the entire pig—snout to tail, and begin the process of turning it into sausages, guanciale, bacon,ribs, smoked hams, smoked ham hocks, and smoked pork loin.

He’ll be making a garlic sausage, a Wisconsin-style smoked cheddar and jalapeño sausage and if we’re lucky (hint, hint) some of his great breakfast sausages. If you don’t mind getting into it, there are opportunities to get hands-on experience with John.

Brining other pork products will also be a part of the first week’s demonstrations so they’ll be prepped and ready for the second week.

While Chef Kowalski is working on his projects, Chef Dan Turgeon will be preparing the lunches and tastings of the various products. Beverages, snacks and lunch are part of the program for both weeks.

The second week, March 24th, Chef Kowalski will fire up his smokers and finish off the bacon, hams, pork loin and ribs. This year for the first time, a guest chef will be demonstrating making pȃtés and terrines.

Tickets are $75 for one Saturday, or $130 for both weeks. Click here to purchase tickets. Tickets are limited, so be sure to get yours early so you don’t miss out on this popular event.

"Included in the ticket price are tastings, a lunch each week that will include pork, and an opportunity for some hands-on experiences,” says Rich Vergili, chairman of Slow Food Hudson Valley and event organizer. “In addition, we'll include about a pound of product for each paid participant each week, along with the ability to purchase more butchered or processed meat, like sausage, leaf lard and custom cut pieces of pork, as it's available."

Looking forward to seeing you at Kesicke Farms!

Slow Food Hudson Valley Snout to Tail Event

March 17, 24th 9-3

Kesicke Farm 229 Middle Road Red Hook, NY 12571

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