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Attention Restaurant Owners: You May be Entitled to a Significant Tax Credit?

Restaurant owners suffered severely during the pandemic. Many of you may still be challenged to operate profitability, as food costs continue to escalate and customers rebel when you pass those costs on to them.

If you were able to maintain your employees during 2020 and 2021 there is a solution – The Employee Retention Credit.

The government realized small businesses like you are the backbone of the US economy.

The only requirement to participate in this program is for you to provide payroll information covering Q2-Q4 for 2020 and Q1-Q3 for 2021.

You may have been told by accountants and bookkeepers you don’t qualify.

Some of the early restrictions have been loosened. Some professionals are not willing to invest their time for a short-term project – benefits start diminishing after 6/30/2023.

The organization I am working with has been in operation since 2017. They created a separate department in response to their existing clients’ request for a reliable resource they have confidence in.

If you received PPP money you still qualify.

There are no restrictions on the use of this money. This is not a loan. The funds come from the payroll taxes, you have already paid. This means the employees included in your submission must be W2 employees.

There is no up-front fee to have all the calculations completed for your submission. When your money is released by the government, there is a 20% fee for the money you receive. All the calculations and paperwork submissions are handled by us.

Feel free to share this information with other business owners in your supply chain. You are not competing for funds. You are strengthening relationships.

If you have any questions, contact – Carol Vincie:


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