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The Hudson Valley Food Waste Challenge

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Welcome to Week One
Your Household "FoodPrint"

September 20th - 26th


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Week 1 - activity 1

Should you require assistance please email janet@HudsonValleyEATS or call 845-598-4760 Monday - Saturday between 9:00 a.m. & 6:00 p.m.

Monday - September 21
Day 1 of the Challenge

Activity 1
What Are Your Current Habits When it Comes to Food Waste?

Part of building aware to the issues of food waste is to understanding your own food waste habits.  
Chances are you have not given much thought to these questions before, and taking the survey will give you new insight to why and when you tend to throw out the most food.

Your answers to the survey will also help us tailor the content
of the challenge to best fit your needs.


Activity 2

Get Yourself Ready

Next week you are going to begin tracking your food waste. 
You only need a few basic tools to get started, which include:

  • a pen/pencil

  • paper lunch bags

  •  tape or a stapler

  • plastic bags (bpi certified compostable if possible)  

  • a small scale (optional).  

Week 1 Activity 2

Gather these items this week, and later on this week you will be given worksheets that you can print out that will help you track your waste. The plastic bags should be a size that will fit into the lunch bag. If you don't want to buy bags you can use ones you may already have in the house that you have brought groceries back from the store in.  OF course, we just want to be as
environmentally conscientious as possible.         

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Kids Activity 1
  Get the Kids Started - Download and Color     
Video Week1 Day 2

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