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The Hudson Valley Food Waste Challenge

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Welcome to Week One
Your Household "FoodPrint"

September 20th - 26th


Click on the day and links in the boxes to view

Should you require assistance please email janet@HudsonValleyEATS or call 845-598-4760 Monday - Saturday between 9:00 a.m. & 6:00 p.m.

Activity 1:3
Wednesday - September 22
Day 3 of the Challenge

Activity 1

Have you ever considered what it takes to get food from the farm to your refrigerator? 

This video highlights a journey of a strawberry from the farm to you home. 
It will make you laugh, and it will make you cry.

The Life of a Strawberry
Fresh Strawberries
Activity 2:3

Activity 2
"Food for Thought"


Analysis your own food: Pick a food item from your pantry. Consider the supply chain it has been through since it was first produced/harvested.

1) Talk with your family on where food loss and waste might
have occurred on its journey to your plate?

2) Optional:  Share you thoughts on the Facebook Group page.

(Since this is a private group, when you click on the link for the first time, you will have to request to join.  Please note that the link will only valid until 9/24/21.  If you are requesting to join at a later date, please email and you will be sent a new link)

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Video Week1 Day 2
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