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Hudson Valley EATS is
a Community Website about
"Everything Food" in the
Hudson Valley.

Strengthening Our
Food System and Building a Healthier Tomorrow
for the Hudson Valley 

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Connection     Collaboration     Cultivation

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Making an 

With a mission of building a sustainable food system for the future by:

  • Providing Education

  • Engaging the Community

  • Making Connections

  • Creating Strategic Partnerships

Making a Difference in the Hudson Valley 

The Vision

Our Mission

To steward the creation of a regenerative food economy in Hudson Valley and ensure a sustainable future for our children, local businesses, and the planet.


The Vision 


Hudson Valley EATS started in 2016, and since that time we have highlighted local food entrepreneurs and restaurants owners, written stories on amazing food, farmers, the craft beverage industry, sustainability, and so much more.

In 2019 we turned our focus and effort on making a difference by combating food insecurity.  The public, chef's, national food companies and local business owners came together for "Cooking for a Cause" and we raise thousands of dollars to "Make Sure EVERYBODY in the Hudson Valley EATS", not just those who could afford to.

But the vision for Hudson Valley EATS goes beyond that, and it includes you!

THE VISION is to make Hudson Valley EATS the place where people
who love food, care about helping others and want to protect the
environment come together to build a community that supports
a healthy, circular, regenerative food economy in the Hudson Valley.

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A Community that Shares More
Than Just Their Love for Food

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What We Do

Hudson Valley EATS sees the importance of acting now to reduce the pressure our current food system places on the environment.

We realize the immediate need to cycle back and improve the security of our natural resources, support our farmers and local food producers, stimulate innovation, and make sure that EVERYBODY in the Hudson Valley EATS.

Our job is to make collaborations happen throughout our local food system bringing all stakeholders together in partnerships that mutually benefits all and the health of the planet.

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Vegetable Garden

Making Partnerships Across the Food System

Hudson Valley EATS is about the food entrepreneurs and businesses that make the Hudson Valley so amazing and one of the greatest places on earth to live. 

Stories on Food

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Chefs in Action
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 Eating Out                        Healthy Eating                  Sustainability

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If This Sounds Interesting,
We'd Love to Hear From You!

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Hudson Valley, New York   

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