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To Good to Waste

The Hudson Valley
Food Waste Challenge

Did you know that Americans throw away 30-40% of the food is produced in the United States? The Hudson Valley is no different then the rest of the country.  There are economic, environmental, and social negative repercussions associated with such a large amount of food waste, and studies show that most people toss away much more than they think.


The Too Good to Waste Challenge is designed to help bring awareness to the amount food you maybe throwing out, and to teach you methods that will help you waste less. will help you figure out how much food is really going to waste. By making small shifts in how you shop for, prepare, and store food, you can save time and money, and help make the world a better place.

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What is Food Waste

There are two terms that refer to the way food is wasted, food loss and food waste.  Food loss is food that is fit to eat, but goes uneaten.  Food waste is food thrown away because it is imperfect or less than desirable, or left behind on somebody's plate.

Holding Plant

Food waste has irreversible environmental consequences.  It is responsible for 11% of the world's greenhouse gas emissions and is responsible for global warning. When food decays in landfills it produces nitrogen pollution, causing algae blooms and depletes the oxygen in the oceans. It also uses up valuable resources.

Why Food Waste Matters

Join a Community Making a Difference

How You Can Help Make a Difference

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Food Waste and the Power of Community

Many of you might feel you don’t stand a chance in making a difference in an issue as big as climate change, but that is the beautiful part of the Hudson Valley EATS community.  When we all work together a difference will be made.  Members of our community share their love for the Hudson Valley, and their passion for doing good things with good people. We support each other!

About the Challenge

The Food Waste Challenge is designed to reduce food waste at the household level.  The program will teach families how they can reduce their “foodprint” by introducing them to the culprits of food waste, and teach them easy strategies that will not only cut down what they are tossing in the garbage, but also save them money and time. 


The challenge will begin some time in mid-September, and last for six weeks.  The only things you need to participate are small garbage bags, a small kitchen scale, and the desire to feel good about making a positive change in your current waste habits!


Registration will start on August 1, 2021 and will cost $20/household.  Shortly before the challenge begins, there will be a virtual, optional kick-off orientation, and participants will receive special access to a suite of tools, videos, and resources, which will aid them in the challenge and track their success. Everyone also will receive an “I care about what is WASTED” t-shirt and be entered to win a variety of prizes.


Your Participation is a BIG DEAL!

The Food Waste Challenge is a BIG DEAL!  To our knowledge, although similar programs have been done like this around the world, it has never been done in the Hudson Valley! Our aim is to make it a huge event, but we need your help!  There are plenty of opportunities to get involved and really do something good for the community.  Let us know which one is right for you by emailing or picking up the phone and giving her a call at (845)-598-4760.



Help us spread the word and sign up participants. We also could use help with light admin work associated with running the challenge, and outreach to businesses



Sponsorship of the 6 week challenge is $300.  All sponsors will be promoted on the T-shirt, website, newsletters, and challenge toolkit handouts.



We have chefs in mind but, it could be anyone who can educate through video or a written article on best practices when it come food waste.  



We are looking for an influencer or celebrity from the Hudson Valley who, pardon the title, can be the "Face of Food Waste"

For more information: call Janet (845) 598-4760 
or email her at

Registration Opens: August 1, 2021