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Coming 2023

The Food Waste Project

A Community-Based Social Initiative to Protect Our Planet.

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Just like the public health initiatives to quit smoking or buckling up, the time has come to make eliminating food waste the norm.


A staggering 40% of all the food produced in this country is never eaten. Instead, it is sent to landfills where it produces methane, a greenhouse gas that is 20X more potent than carbon dioxide—a major contributor to climate change.


Human beings have an innate aversion to wasting food. We feel the same way about wasting money. What the Food Waste Project does is target the narrow gap between our desire to do the right thing and actually doing it.


Food waste is tied to not only environmental issues but social and economic ones too. The aim of The Food Waste Project is to provide families with knowledge of the consequences of food waste, and the simple tools to prevent it. Once this gap is bridged, the movement to prevent food waste can truly begin.

Saving the Planet Starts at Home

Support the Food Waste Project
Phase One

Unlike so many of the world’s problems, reducing food waste is one that individuals can tackle and make a lasting difference right at home. is the rare issue that can have an exponential effect as children play forward good habit to the generations to come. Families unite on an essential cause protecting the environment while also making their money go farther.  If ever there was a win-win situation, this is it.

The first phase in bringing this initiative to life is to develop an on-demand webinar series titled,

A Family Guide to Becoming Food Waste Warriors. It will both educate families on the dire consequences of food waste and provide the tools to alleviate it. It is also designed to get kids into the act with fun animated videos and family games and activities that promote healthy eating, protecting the environment, and teach them the value of money.

It is a convenient and flexible program designed to fit into busy family lifestyles with sections for the parents, sections for the kids and activities to do as a whole family​.  

  • Teach the Teacher Videos

  • Animated Videos

  • Digital Toolkit (games, activities, resources)

               Watch Video

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Lessons Beyond Food Waste:

The webinar series goes beyond just addressing food waste. It also teaches children important lessons in:


  • Managing Money

  • Eating Healthy

  • Giving Back

  • Environmental Stewardship

4 Beliefs at the Heart of
The Food Waste Project


Just like public health initiatives, like quitting smoking, wearing seat belts and recycling we need to make not wasting food a norm


We have a responsibility to take care of our planet and ensure that future generations have the resources they need to thrive


Learning to reduce food waste doesn't have to be complicated. It just takes spreading awareness and sharing simple solutions


Being part of the solution that everyone can do and it is something they will feel good about and encourage others to do the same


Saving Money & the Planet

At home, food waste takes form due to poor planning, over buying, making too much, plating too much and confusion on expiration dates.


  • The average family of 4 spends over $13,000 annually

  • With rising inflation, groceries now cost 20.3% of an average household's income


But despite this, families throw away throws out 30% what they buy.

Reducing food waste represents one of the easiest and most beneficial ways to save money.

Families Creating a
Better World Together 

Becoming food waste warriors is a positive activity that families do together. It empowers parents and kids, uniting them to solve one of the most pressing issues facing our planet today.


It develops planet-positive habits that will be passed down to future generations.

Once a warrior, always a warrior!

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Join Us in the Movement to Create a Greener Future

Help make the Food Waste Project a reality by supporting our Kickstarter Campaign. Your contribution will go toward developing the educational webinar, A Family Guide to Becoming Food Waste Warriors.  By backing our campaign, you will be supporting our mission to make eliminating food waste the norm.


Together, we can make a real impact in reducing food waste and combating climate change.

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