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Taking Out from Cafe Con Leche

Nothing says happiness more than food from Café Con Leche! We tried to get reservations last night, but they were booked, so instead we did take out! We brought it home and enjoyed eating it out on our deck.

My husband has relatives from Puerto Rico and this is just like the home cooking we get when we go there.

Wappingers Falls is far from a tropical island but Cafe Con Leche sure is a little piece of heaven.

We wrote an article last October about them but they have since moved to a bigger and nicer location on Market Street. But it is still the same great food, maybe even better!

Take a look! 🡺

FYI: Right now they are reservation only for outside dining and take-out. Make sure you call ahead for either. I am not sure when they will open up for inside dining, but they are working on it.

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