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Angry Orchard Has a Thirst-Quenching Gift to Give for the Holidays.

What do you get for the friend that has it all? Or what about the perfect host/hostess gift? Angry Orchard has the answer with its very own Holiday Cider Bundle, a collection of premium ciders perfect for pairing with any holiday meal.

For a limited time, Angry Orchard’s Holiday Cider Bundle will be shipped directly to doorsteps across the country. The bundle, which includes three 750mL bottles of cider, is now available for $75 (plus taxes, fees and shipping costs) through the end of the year on VinoShipper. With something for everyone around your table, the bundle features Albany Post, Dear Brittany and Fruits from Flowers, three distinct ciders with varying flavor profiles.

  • Albany Post: A celebration of people and place, this is Angry Orchard’s first ever 100% estate-made cider. With a 7% ABV, this semi-sweet cider gives notes of raw honey and fresh apples making it the perfect pairing for some spicy Korean ribs or a warm cinnamon bun.

  • Dear Brittany: A love letter to coastal France, this cider was made using traditional methods and wild yeast to maintain its natural sweetness. The orangey, fresh apple taste of this cider is accompanied by a hint of cidery funk, making it perfect for a place at the dinner table. A 7.5% ABV, Dear Brittany has aromas of fresh apples, oranges, and wildflower honey, reminding you of the sweet smells of summer.

  • Fruits from Flowers: An ode to New York State’s fruits, this beautiful blend of apples and tart cherries is bottled before the fermentation process is completed giving it small bubbles and a robust flavor profile. Fruits from Flowers circulates aromatics of fresh apples and cherries with subtle notes of cranberry and baking spices. With a 7.4% ABV, this cider is the perfect match for a NY strip steak with caramelized onions and a cherry demi-glaze.

The bundle is now available and ships to nationwide to 40 states through the end of December.

In addition to the holiday cider bundle, Angry Orchard’s very own Pommeau is the perfect host/hostess gift for any holiday celebration this year. Aged in French oak for three years, the Pommeau of Walden (24% ABV) is made with traditional French bittersweet apples, resulting in an apple wine with aromas of black cherry, almond and chocolate and pairs well with melon and blue cheese. Pommeau can be purchased as a single 375mL bottle via VinoShipper.

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