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Meet Janet Irizarry and Anne Maxfield,  the Women Behind Hudson Valley Eats

 Janet Irizarry

As a restaurant owner for over 25 years and experience in the industry spanning over 35 years,  I get it!   I know the struggles you face as a restaurant owner and that is why my mission is to “Help You Earn More and Stress Less.”  

There is no doubt that 35 years is a very long time, kind of like dog years.  Before opening JI Restaurant Consulting a few years ago,  I owned three successful, full-service restaurants,  fish-market,  marketing company and worked in corporate food service.


The best part for you is, you have access to my broad background and knowledge of what works and what doesn’t work which will help you achieve the success you deserve.


It doesn't matter if you are an existing businesses or a startup, avoiding costly mistakes, overcoming problems and  implementing  the practices used by the most successful restaurants in the country is what is going to set you apart from your competition.  Restaurant owners and manager call me to give them expert advice, strategies, training, and support. 

Although I consult on a laundry list areas restaurant owners need help with, my sweet spot and passion, is helping with social media, email and retention programs.

I like it, because nothing makes me happier than  seeing my clients see and feel the results.  The new world of marketing is complicated and you  should do what you do best, run your restaurants, and leave the world of digital marketing to an expert, like me.  


Nobody is going to argue, that as a restaurant owner, you are a unique breed.  I am sure you are very determined to be in control of your own business and don't often seek out help.  However, I bet you can think of several areas you could use assistance.  You might even think you are going to one day get to it yourself but , the real truth is that  you know you will either never find the time, you don't know where to start or just can't muster the drive to do what you need to do.

That is my main focus,  help you  get over the hurdles that get in the way of the success you desire. If I can help take away some of the burdens you bare, while having to be everything to all people at all times in your role of the boss in your business, I have done my job and you have peace of mind.

Major Accomplishments

  • Owner: JI Restaurant Consulting

  • Co-founder of HudsonValleyEATS

  • Accomplished Speaker and Writer

  • Owner: Tony's Lobster & Steak House, Captain Tom's Fish Market, Hook, Line & Sinker Restaurant,  Striped Bass Restaurant

  • Food Service Manager:  Compass Group USA

  • Owner: Sensible Sales Marketing Solutions

Anne Maxfield

I started out as a fashion designer. Won a scholarship to a prestigious design school in Paris. Came back and was a successful designer for a dozen years.

Got bored and burnt out.

Looked around and saw that everyone creative in NY had an agent--not fashion designers.

Started Project Solvers to rep designers and other freelancers in the apparel industry. Bootstrapped it with money from friends and family.

Grew the business into a multi-million-dollar company and created a $75 million niche industry.

Implemented my exit strategy, sold and moved on.

Started the Accidental Locavore--all about cooking and eating local and fresh here in the Hudson Valley. 


Now I’ve merged what I love—food, working with entrepreneurs and building businesses into a successful consulting company.

When I started Project Solvers, I was like you—doing almost anything, like taking out the garbage to avoid looking at my financials.

Excel was what happened when you did something really well.

Sound familiar?

Let’s put a stop to that.

I can help you. 

Contact me for a free 30-minute call; we can talk food or business--your choice.



Radio Show: Catch me weekly on Pawling Public Radio Mondays at 5:00 ET, where we’ll be talking about food and business. If you’d like to be a guest on the show, email me and let me know what you’d like to talk about.

Speaking: I’m looking for speaking opportunities on women-owned business issues, particularly in the food space. I can also lead seminars, webinars.

Boards: Currently: Advisory Board of Gogogolosh, Trinky Things.

Former board posts: Marketing and Membership for the Red Hook Golf Club Board of Directors, Consultants 2 Go, Marist College, University of Delaware

And in my ample leisure you can find me learning to fence, figure skating or on the golf course.

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