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Arrowood Farms Brewery Opens Outpost in New Paltz

My husband and I found Arrowood Farms shortly after they opened to the public in the summer of 2016. We are bike riders and typically plan the start and finish of our bike rides in a location we can reward ourselves for our sweat and hard work afterwards. This is how we first found Arrowood Farms in Accord and now that it is winter and bike riding is not happening we were happy to find out that they had opened a tasting room in New Paltz, a few short minutes from our house.

First, let me talk about the farm. Arrowood Farms sits on 40 acres of land in Accord in the heart of Ulster County, the area is characterized by an abundance of family-owned farms & orchards, fresh food markets, and recently, breweries.

Blake Arrowood started the farm in 2013 with the intention of raising animals, growing assorted crops, grains and hops, however, it’s evolved into a mini ecosystem that supports their beer making.

How did that happen? Shortly after Arrow bought the farm, he was introduced to Jake Meglio. The two quickly became good friends. Coincidentally Meglio just happened to have a background in home brewing. Hmmm. Arrowood grew hops and grains. Meglio brewed beer. It was a perfect match and what transpired was the creation of Arrowood Farm Brewery and Tasting Room.

One of the most unique things about the beer is that it is the only New York State farm brewery that is certified organic. That that means is that it has a applied and received an organic certification from NOFA, North East Organic Farming Association, which certifies that the farming practices complies with organic standards which regulates factors such as soil quality, pest and weed control, feed and humane treatment of livestock.

They grow six varieties of hops on the farm and a variety of grains. All beers are brewed on the farm in a three-barrel system powered by a large array of rooftop solar panels. The historic cement mine in Rosendale provides the water they use to brew with.

At the farm’s tasting room which is open from March to the end of December you will find 10 taps each with a different variety of beer. Flights, pints, growlers and bottles are sold here.

Currently, they bottle and sell three types of beer for retail. Four Green Fields, a copper ale, Rising Smoke Rauchbier, a smoked lager and, recently released--the Bees which is porter brewed with honey from their farm.

While the tasting room is a great place to hang and drink some beer, the best part of the Arrowood Farms experience is what is happening outside. You basically drink your beer in the meadow looking at the hops, the animals, the beautiful landscape, and friends, families and their dogs having a great time. Plenty of room to throw a Frisbee or play catch--they provide the corn hole.

You can also get a delicious bite to eat with Graze Farm to Table offering hyper -local, seasonally inspired, fun and creative food.

Now, about their new Tasting Room, Arrowood Outpost, in New Paltz. Located on Church Street, the Outpost sits below Barner Books. According to Arrowood, they see the Outpost as a way to touch a larger community, give people a taste of what they are doing out at the farm, encourage them to come visit and to increase demand for their beer.

As you enter, the Outpost you get a speak easy feel. The room is rustic with stone wall and actual rock boulders protruding from the floor towards the back corner of the floor.

The bar area has 8 taps, 6 pouring a variety of the farm’s craft beers, with the other 2 dedicated to local hard ciders, Bad Seed and Breezy Hill. Just as as at the farm, all are offered as flights, pints, or growlers. For wine drinkers, select NYS wines are offered.

Food at the Outpost is simple, just some noshes, but there are many good places to walk to after if you are look for something more substantial.

For more information about Arrowoods Farms and the Outpost you can visit their website at

Arrowood Farms Brewery & Tasting Room

236 Lower Whitfield Rd

Accord, New York

Arrowood Outpost

3 Church Street

New Paltz, New York

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