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Welcome to HVEats Restaurant Owner's Resources

The Hudson Valley has so much  to offer on the food, wine and spirits scene and the world is beginning to take notice.  It is a great time to be in the restaurant business as it quickly becoming a destination for visitors both near and far.


But it doesn't matter if you are a first time restaurant owner or manager or if you are a season vet, the restaurant business there is no doubt that it is challenging to keep up with the latest trends, find solutions to problems you may be having or get new ideas to grow your business.

Restaurant Owners Resources is designed to provide a "go to" place to learn, find new ideas and get answers.  We are of the belief that continual growth in business requires continual learning and we want to give you a place that educates and motivates you make your business the best it can be.

Our goal with this special section of HudsonValleyEATS is to help restaurant owners and managers navigate the waters and obtain the business they deserve.  We'll work with you to  meet everyday obstacles 

We will bring you news and information that you will enjoy and give you tips that will let you run your business smarter.  Information that will not only make you more money put also give you peace of mind. Restaurant Resource section if for the independent restaurant owner, manager or chef and as it grows will continually add high value articles, insider tips, videos and downloadable financial and operational tools.


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  • Menu & Website Design
  • Mystery Dining
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